IN THE MID-1900’S the grass root Kollel movement began to sprout in Western Europe, and across North America. Nowadays, the once considered pipe-dream of the few, represents itself as a staple institution in virtually every Jewish community.

Given the philosophy that a strong Jewish nation can only thrive with advanced education, societal norms have changed. Yet with such resilient growth, students often find themselves drifting in an open system.

WITH THIS UNDERSTANDING in mind, and empowered with world renowned educators, Machon Horaah L’Rabbanim opened its doors in the fall of 2015. Their approach to scholastic success is rooted in a goal-oriented approach to achievement.

THE STUDENT BODY is comprised of young, intellectual and enthusiastic individuals, who have charted a path forward to embrace dayanus, rabbinic and other civic positions in Judaism. Driven by a passion to absorb an inclusive foundation in Halacha, scholars maximise this coveted opportunity to succeed in their educational goals. Every scholar can relate a telling story of success.

PEOPLE ARE BEGINING to understand our niche, grasp our approach, and appreciate our focus.

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אין לו להקב״ה בעולמו אלא ארבע אמות של הלכה בלבד